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Commercial portable AC units for rent are often the best alternative to shield your business from South Florida’s high temperatures.  Excessive heat can impact work performance, cause health problems and affect many products and services locally. Making your workplace cooler will set your business apart and bring in more clients. Our commercial portable AC units & spot coolers for rent will make a difference since they help to avoid extreme temperatures and protect your facility, equipment, and products against deterioration.

You can choose from our wide variety of commercial portable ac units & spot coolers for rent. All our portable air conditioner units are available 24/7 to already established clients within a timely deadline.  Whether you are a new or existing customer, you can rent or buy our products by calling us for an instant quote.

Every project is different so be patient as we endeavor to dedicate the time your ongoing projects need and ensure they are completed with high professional standards. Our portable spot coolers, our heartfelt and dedicated customer service won’t disappoint you. We pay attention to every detail, and guarantee that our commercial portable ac units & spot coolers for rent will be delivered, installed, and picked up punctually.


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Portable spot cooling equipment

Movincool classic 10

MovinCool Classic 10

The Classic 10 is a great portable air conditioner unit for commercial and industrial uses. It offers 10,000 Btu/h of cool air and it can handle up to 105 ºF. The classic 10 is self-sufficient, easy to transport, and with no specific power requirements.

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Movincool classic plus 14

MovinCool Classic Plus 14

The MovinCool Classic Plus 14 portable air conditioner rental comes with all the benefits of our other commercial portable ac units and with extra features to improve performance and control. It also operates on 115V yet it provides up to 13,200 Btu/hr
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Movincool classic 18

MovinCool classic 18

The MovinCool classic 18 portable cooling rental can handle temperatures of up to 115 Fahrenheit with an extraordinarily high cooling capacity of 18,000 Btu/h. This is one of the best spot cooling systems of its class ideal for server rooms, factories, warehouses, or any other location
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Movincool classic plus 26

MovinCool Classic Plus 26

The MovinCool Classic Plus 26 is preferred for its capacity to provide instant cool air of up to 24,000 Btu/h. This portable cooling unit can also serve as a dehumidifier. Even in the hottest environments, you will be able to protect your space
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Movincool classic 40

MovinCool Classic 40

Larger applications may require the MovinCool Classic 40 industrial portable air conditioner, the perfect way to cool factories. You can customize the unit with several T-section drops so the air reaches your manufacturing lines.
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Movincool office pro 12

MovinCool Office Pro 12

Office Pro® 12 will help keep your PC cool. It is the perfect solution for office spaces that get too hot due to electronics that generate excess heat. This portable cooling unit provides 12,000 BTU/h of cool air.
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Movincool office pro 18

Movincool Office Pro 18

MovinCool Office Pro 18 delivers the maximum cooling capacity for 115V with up to 16,800 Btu/hr. Companies can easily cool office systems sensitive to heat with this easy to transport and install yet durable portable cooling unit designed to meet your cooling needs.
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Movincool office pro 24

Movincool office pro 24

MovinCool Office Pro 24 is twice as effective as the Office Pro 12. It is the perfect server room spot air conditioner for larger spaces filled with electronics that generate heat. It is important to keep your computers cool so that communication…
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Movincool office pro 36

MovinCool Office Pro 36

The Office Pro 36 can protect heat-sensitive equipment with up to 36,000 Btu/h of cooling. It has user-friendly features that allow it to run during after-hours and weekends and protect your costly equipment from excessive heat.
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Movincool office pro 60

MovinCool Office Pro 60

MovinCool Office Pro 60 is a portable air conditioner rental designed for large office spaces and server room. It provides cooling at up to 60,000 BTU. It is self-sufficient, portable, and it operates on 220v power
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Industrial Demand

5 ton industrial portable air conditioner

5 to 20-ton capacity portable air conditioners

Portable Cooling Company offers trailer mounted air conditioners and industrial portable air conditioners available in 5 to 20 ton capacities. Whether you want to keep a smaller or larger space cool, our equipment was designed with your needs in mind. You will save time and money when you choose us. Our experienced staff will handle every detail from delivery, installation, to pick up.

trailer mounted air conditioner

Commercial portable air conditioner rentals, sales & service

At Portable Cool Company we pride ourselves on excellent customer service even during busy season. Our established customers enjoy a 24/7 support. One of our representatives is always ready to respond to any query promptly. If you are a new client, we will also assist you during business hours and give you a quote that fits your business needs.  Feel free to call us and asks us any questions you may have about our commercial portable air conditioner rentals, sales & service. It is never too late to shield your business from calamity with our portable commercial air conditioners.  


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